CWP Pulverizer


Connect Work Tools CWP Series Hydraulic Pulverizers are designed for heavy-duty applications. The pulverizers have a crushing tooth plate that allows you to change out all of the crushing teeth quickly, reducing down time and the need for parent material build up and hard surfacing. All models include a rotation kit that can change the pulverizer from non-rotating to rotating in the service shop in a few hours, eliminating the need to purchase several different units.

CWP Pulverizer


ModelWorking Weight (lbs) Carrier Weight (lbs)Crushing Force (lbs)Jaw Width (in) Max Jaw Opening (in)
CWP20004,20040,000 – 70,000242,5002437
CWP2000R5,30040,000 – 70,000242,5002437
CWP30006,15060,000 – 90,000352,7002741
CWP3000R7,00060,000 – 90,000352,7002741

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Heavy Duty Applications

  • Offering four (4) models
  • 360 degree hydraulic rotation kit available, allows for changing from non-rotating to rotating
  • Cutter has four edges – rotate cutting edges for longer use
  • Internal speed valve allows for faster cycle times
  • Teeth are made of Hardox Steel
  • One-piece changeable tooth plates
OilQuick Americas is an authorized manufacturing partner and is available on any of our attachments. 
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Learn about every feature and option that we have to offer

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