CC Series - Compactors


Connect Work Tools CC Series mounted compactors are designed for heavy-duty applications. The compactors are built to deliver maximum vibratory force for use in compacting or driving wood fence posts, guardrail posts, rail and I-beams, piling and seawalls, and compacting waste.

CC Series - Compactors


ModelModel Working Weight (lbs)Carrier Weight
Compaction Plate Size
Impact Force
Impact Frequency (cpm)Oil Flow
CC4K5502,000 – 10,00016 x 283,5002,10011
CC8K8508,000 – 20,00024 x 346,5002,10021
CC14K1,67512,000 – 34,00028 x 3811,0002,10026
CC20K2,13516,000 – 60,00032 x 4615,5002,10031
CC22K2,93055,000 – 120,00026 x 5020,0002,10039

CC Series - Compactors
  • Offering five (5) models to fit skid loaders, backhoes and excavators which reduce manpower requirements and provide work safety compared to hand-held tamper operation
  • The CC Series compactors features include: Plug and play installation with wear resistant hoses and oil splash bearings that provide maintenance-free (no greasing) lubrication
  • Motor case drain ported and routed to the compactor valve, reducing additional hoses and routing and protecting the motor shaft seal from excessive carrier back pressure
  • Compactor Control Valve controls flow, pressure, regeneration and direction of flow
  • All CC compactors are equipped with heavy duty frames and base plates, containing industrial strength rubber isolators.  High performance hydraulic motors capable of operating at 2000 rpm
  • Compatible Mounting Brackets with CH Breaker Series and CG Grapple Series


OilQuickUSA is an authorized manufacturing partner and is available on any of our attachments. 
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