Our Products

Connect Work Tools specializes in premium attachments for the demolition and construction industry. The Connect Work Tools products include hydraulic breakers, compactors, grapples, electromagnets, and pulverizers. We also offer reconditioned stock and dealer opportunities. 

Connect Work Tools Products: 

CH Series – Hydraulic Breakers are highly productive breakers that can handle the most extreme projects. 15 different models available – so no matter the size of your job, we’ve got a breaker that will handle it! 

The CWP Series – Pulverizer is the newest addition to our product offerings and it is designed for heavy-duty applications. Two models available. 

The CG Series – Grapple are fully rotating grapples ideal for industrial demolition, recycling activities and site clean up. Four models available. 

CC Series – Compactors are built to deliver maximum vibratory force for use in compacting or diving wood fence posts, guardrail posts, rail and I-beams, piling and seawalls, and compacting waste. Five models available. 

CM Series – Electromagnets with teeth are used in demolition, scrap, waste, C&D, and railroad applications. The teeth are designed to rake debris, making it easier to extract ferrous materials. Four models available. 

All attachments can be fitted with OilQuick’s automatic quick coupler system. Connect Work Tools is an authorized manufacturing partner for OilQuick Americas

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