Connect 1 Telematic Device

CONNECT 1 is a revolutionary wireless telematics device
Connect 1 Telematics Device

Modernize Your Fleet

CONNECT 1 is a revolutionary new wireless telematics device that gives you detailed diagnostic data on the attachment it’s connected to.

Imagine being able to track location, track working time, and monitor the health status of your attachments!

CONNECT 1 Features:
• GPS Location, with bread crumb history
• Temperature detection
• Burst data (trigger time)
• Utilization (daily, weekly, monthly)
• Device health alerts (low battery, signal strength, etc)
• Alarm detection (shock, motion, G force, etc)
• Daylight/Dark detection
• Event history
• Geo-fencing

How it works

Introducing the Connect 1 Data Tracker, a cutting-edge telematics device designed to seamlessly integrate with your attachment. With its accompanying app, tracking your attachments has never been easier! Once connected to the Connect 1 Data Tracker, you gain instant access to monitor your attachment’s whereabouts, usage, temperature, and much more.

With the app, you have the flexibility to customize your reporting preferences, whether you prefer to receive updates daily, weekly, or monthly. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of not knowing where your attachment is located – with the Connect 1 Data Tracker, you can stay informed and in control at all times.

Connect Work Tools is an Exodus Global Company. 

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