Rebuild Services & Used Equipment

We'll hammer out the rebuild so you can get back to work!
Your attachment
may have many seasons left in it!

Let us handle the rebuild while you focus on your work. Our skilled Connect Work Tools team will assess your hydraulic attachment, provide a repair quote, and offer customizable rebuild options to suit your needs.

We have a fully operational rebuild facility that includes:

  • Catwalk power cell rebuild stand
  • Hydraulic power unit for testing completed breaker rebuilds
  • Support equipment and facilities
  • Parts washer
  • Fully equipped machine shop
  • Complete inventory of parts, breakers, and pins

How it works

Our experienced technicians will evaluate your equipment, determine the root cause of the problem, and provide you with a detailed quote of bringing the life back into your attachment.

In addition, we have an inventory of used and reconditioned attachments that have been taken in on trade – all which have been inspected by our technicians.

Check out our used equipment page.

Our breaker service center rebuilds all major brands of breakers. We believe in honest and upfront communication throughout the rebuild process. With a comprehensive diagnostic form and pictures of damaged components, our process is very transparent, well documented, and stored in our customer database. All repaired breakers are tested and recorded running prior to returning them to you. All rebuilds include a 90-day warranty.

Reconditioned Stock & Used Equipment

In search of a reliable reconditioned breaker? Explore our selection of attachments rebuilt in the Connect Work Tools rebuild shop. Each item undergoes thorough inspection, testing, and many come with warranty coverage.

We currently do not have any used equipment available, but we are offering competitive pricing on our new inventory! 

Check back often as we are continuously rebuilding breakers and additional products that we have taken in on trade. 

Contact us today to inquire about current pricing! 

If the available breakers don’t match your requirements, explore our new attachment options. Our prices are competitive, and our products are designed to meet your needs effectively.

Updated 01/09/2023

Connect Work Tools is an Exodus Global company. 

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