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Whether you are a new customer looking for a new attachment, a current customer looking for parts or rebuilds, or a dealer looking to expand your hydraulics attachment, our team is here for you. With over 90 years of experience working with hydraulic attachments, we know the industry and understand your needs. Contact us today – give us a call or find your local sales manager below. 

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Contact Dave Cowen

Dave Cowen

North American Sales Mgr – South
Cell: 505-573-0136

Chris Mayer

Chris Mayer

Regional Sales Mgr – Northeast
Cell: 804.386.4825

CWT James Boughton

James Boughton

Regional Sales Mgr – Southeast
Technical Support
Cell: 678-780-8324

CWT Mark Richter

Mark Richter

Regional Sales Mgr – West
Cell: 949.244.9307

Contact Todd Kirchner

Todd Kirchner

Regional Sales Mgr – Midwest
Cell: 715-919-4913

Need to contact our product support team for parts, services or rebuild questions? Give us a call at 920.238.6657 or send us an email

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