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About Us at Connect Work Tools

Established in 2015, Connect Work Tools emerged as an extension of Exodus Global, aimed at diversifying its offerings within the construction, demolition, and recycling domains. Renowned for its rich legacy of impeccable engineering, manufacturing prowess, and unwavering product support, Exodus Global laid the groundwork for Connect Work Tools to thrive.

A pivotal decision in 2021…

In a pivotal turn of events in 2021, faced with the decisive choice between gradual progression and bold expansion, we unequivocally embraced the latter. This decision materialized into the acquisition of a purpose-built facility in Cleburne, Texas. This new establishment serves as a hub for our expansive inventory, parts repository, and an all-encompassing product rebuild center.

Geordie Stewart
Geordie Stewart, Director of Sales

With this strategic expansion, we welcomed ten adept professionals into our Texan fold, including the esteemed Geordie Stewart, assuming the mantle of Director of Sales. 

Geordie and our Texas-based team have garnered acclaim for their unparalleled commitment to delivering exceptional customer service.

Connect Work Tools is a manufacturing partner for OilQuick Americas.

Of notable significance, Connect Work Tools proudly stands as a manufacturing collaborator with OilQuick Americas, further solidifying our standing in the industry.

Here at Connect Work Tools, our dedicated sales and support personnel are poised to provide your enterprise with top-tier products, complemented by an unparalleled level of customer care. 

Our mission is simple: to ensure that you not only GET CONNECTED but also STAY CONNECTED with Connect Work Tools.

From reliable products to trusted professionals, rest assured, we stand by our promise of delivering excellence at every turn!

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