Connect Work Tools CH205 hammer in bridge demolition project

In the world of heavy machinery, customer service can make all the difference.

We recently had an opportunity to prove this when a customer who had purchased a remanufactured hammer from us reached out in a time of need. Their massive 16,000 foot pound class hammer had unexpectedly broken down, and they were faced with a critical project deadline – demolishing an old bridge over the Mississippi River.

With their project on the line, we stepped in to offer a solution. We had our CH205 hammer available in stock, and after some negotiation, we were able to take their non-functional hammer in trade. However, a hurdle remained: a bracket was needed to install the new hammer, and the lead time was six weeks.

Undeterred, we mobilized our resources. Collaborating with the OilQuick Americas division at Exodus Global in Superior, Wisconsin, we orchestrated the design and fabrication of a custom bracket with remarkable speed. From order placement, we successfully delivered the hammer along with the tailored bracket to the customer in 3 weeks flat!

Time Crunch

Our customer’s satisfaction was palpable. They were impressed by our swift response and ability to deliver a functional solution when they needed it most. The CH205 hammer found its purpose on the project, demolishing massive concrete anchors that held the bridge cables in place. The clock was ticking, as they had set a year-end deadline for the project’s completion.

The construction site itself was a spectacle – barges, tug boats, and heavy machinery were orchestrated to work in harmony, breaking down the old bridge’s footings. We were thrilled to witness one of our hammers in action on a barge in the middle of the river, contributing to this monumental task.

This story exemplifies the essence of exceptional customer service – going beyond expectations to solve problems and meet deadlines. We take pride in our ability to turn challenges into opportunities and be part of our customers’ successes. As our customer works tirelessly to complete their bridge demolition by year’s end, we’re reminded that in the world of heavy machinery, a reliable partner can make all the difference.

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